ABOUT US 为何选择我们

Welcome to Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage - Downtown branch, the website of Toronto's premier independent full service Real Estate brokerage. With 8 strategically located offices, over 350 salespeople and over one billion dollars in annual sales, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. prides itself on providing the finest level of service.

Forest Hill房产公司欢迎您!作为多伦多首屈一指的房产中介机构,您将在我们的网站上体验全方位的极致服务。我们在各个黄金地段有策略地分布了8个办公室,有350位专业销售人员每年成交超过10亿加币的销售额,Forest Hill深信我们所提供的卓越服务能让您满意而归!

Welcome to Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage - Downtown branch!

Over the past 27 years, Forest Hill Real Estate has enjoyed remarkable growth in market share and sales of residential, commercial and recreational properties in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities.

For clients who demand the ultimate in a total service experience, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate, as so many others have found, that our level of experience and commitment to excellence truly does make a difference, whether you are buying or selling!

在过去的27年,Forest Hill房产公司在市场占有率和销售业绩上发展迅猛,销售范围涉猎多伦多以及周边地区的民用住宅、商业地产以及度假住所。

如果您要求令人信服的服务体验,我们将很乐意为您做出完整的展示。无论您是买房,卖房还是租房,都能在Forest Hill体验到与众不同的卓越服务。

With their expertise, you will experience the advantage of a true Toronto luxury home living experience.

The Advantage 选择我们的理由

We will use our skill set to capitalize on the emotional impact of the first impression, create the inviting image of lifestyle that potential buyers must imagine themselves enjoying, and enhance a home's positive features by properly arranging furnishings & accessories to make every property more attractive to a broader range of potential buyers.

如果您需要卖房,Forest Hill将竭尽所能地布置您的住所,通过有格调的陈列家具与摆设,展现居住其中的图景,使潜在购买者一见倾心。

Forest Hill is specializes in luxury homes in Central Toronto:

  • Forest Hill;
  • Rosedale;
  • Lytton Park;
  • Allenby;
  • Chaplin Estates;
  • South Hill;
  • Deer Park;
  • Moore Park;
  • Hoggs Hollow;
  • York Mills;
  • Lawrence Park and Avenue/ Lawrence;
  • Yonge/Sheppard;
  • Bathurst Heights;
  • Armour Heights;
  • Yonge St Corridor;
  • Leslieville;
  • The Distillery;
  • Queens Quay;
  • Waterfront.

Competing in any marketplace involves the right price and a competitive product. Your home is no different, it is one of many homes for sale and you must present it to buyers in a competitive light. Meir Gluzberg and Vicky Tal have unique experiences and talents in the presentation of home-selling and they have developed a sophisticated sense of design skills.
Meir Gluzberg and Vicky Tal